Friday, April 1, 2011

April Showers

Who would have ever thought a new shower head could make someone's day? 

Well, I hoped it would be me.

Being spoiled by a dual rain head shower system in his previous home and finding himself barely getting wet in his new home, my client asked me to please change his shower head.  After ordering a new shower head, complete with new controls and valve system, our challenge was on.  Would it be enough to bring a smile to his face?

I spent 8 hours with my plumber and contractor today. 

Holding my breath as the plumber gave the last twist to the new shower head, I stood patiently while he wiped the fingerprints off its new chrome finish and called back to the contractor to turn the water back on.

Gathering into the bathroom, our eyes glued to the shower head, we waited as the water pressure returned and the first drops started to fall. 



The new shower head was doing its thing - with zeal and with vigor!

Smiles crossing all of our faces, I quickly pulled out my phone, found the "record a video" feature, shot 11 seconds and pressed send.  Minutes later I made a call, asking my client to check his inbox and watch the video.

He did.

(apparently over and over again)

And even though I wasn't there, I could see his smile.

To me, that's a great day.

On a sunny afternoon, April 1, there wasn't a fool to be seen - instead, there was a brief April shower.



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