Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rabbit Finds

Okay, my anniversary and my birthday are right around the corner and my husband has already started sleuthing to see what I might want.  He tries to be subtle and often shows me stuff in magazines and catalogs to get my reaction and typically finds at least one rabbit to add to the gift giving.  This time I thought I'd beat him to it and do a little treasure hunting myself - here are a few unique rabbits that caught my eye. 

Honey, are you reading??

Wall Tile with Rabbit Drawing- OOAK
Rabbit Wall Tile from -
this would be perfect in my office - just getting ready to paint the walls my new favorite green similar to the one of this tile.
Leaping hare art tile - deep turquoise
Leaping Rabbit Wall Tile

Cute Rabbit Sitting on Spotted Chair Ceramic Sculpture
Rabbit Sitting on Spotted Chair
OMG!  This is so cute!  I love rabbits and I love furniture - so how perfect is this?
 - also from

Garden Rabbit
Garden Rabbit
I love the look of this one, from Ballard Designs!

Running Bunny Rabbit Personalized Monogrammed Handmade Set 2 Notepads
Personalized notepaper

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bath Inspiration

I am getting ready to embark on another master bathroom renovation, I love renovations by the way, and I love tile, in case you couldn't tell.  So, needing a little inspiration I looked back over a few recent projects to get some. 


This bathroom was added to an unfinished basement in Alexandria.  The shower is 9' wide x 5' deep and with dual rain heads, it's a great place to soak after working out in the home gym.  Double bowls, bright lighting and generous proportions keep this bathroom from feeling like it's in a basement.

A combination of textures: "sisal" porcelain 12" x 24" tiles, set vertically, and finished with a gorgeous blend of deep blue and copper glass mosaics.  Tile available through Architectural Ceramics.

Not pictured, but off to the right of this knee wall, is an independently operating hand shower, in case you just need a quick rinse and not a full shower. 

Showing the dual rain head showers and each with their own drain (second drain behind the knee wall).

Another renovation in Alexandria's Mt. Vernon area. 
This renovation was for two young brothers and we chose to use tile abundantly - which helps mom keep things tidy with two active children.  Each child has his own sink and vanity space, but share a clothes hamper centered behind the door between both sinks. 

A photo showing the mix of tile in the bathtub/shower area. 
Tile available through The Tile Shop.

And I am at it again!
This bathroom renovation started life as only a little cosmetic facelift and ended up progressing into a much more substantial project.  As a secondary master bath in a condo, we decided to remove the bathtub and opted for a walk in shower, since the primary master has a large soaking tub. 
Since this is a condo, this was the perfect opportunity to use a molded shower floor -
you never have to worry about leaks and it retrofits a bathtub perfectly!
 Notice the little corner shelf placed low - it allows the client a spot to rest
her foot while she shaves her legs

We added the knee wall to offer separation between the vanity and the toilet; while adding a touch of privacy, not to mention giving a reason to showcase more of the fabulous tile my clients chose,
available through The Tile Shop.

The original bathroom vanity was 84" long and only had one small sink in the center - so while we were at it, we purchased new cabinetry to accomodate two sinks. 

I will share some more photos once the granite is installed!

A close up of the travertine and glass mosaic blend tile. 
This blend is called "Cape Cod", (The Tile Shop)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

SAVOR 2011

Last night I had the opportunity to accompany my husband to SAVOR.  SAVOR is an American Craft Beer and Food Experience showcasing the art of craft beer.  Held at the National Building Museum in Washington DC and in it's fourth year, SAVOR offers an opportunity to meet and talk with the owners and brewers of the participating breweries while sampling their beers.
Selling out in only minutes last year (we didn't get a ticket, sniff sniff) - we were poised and ready once tickets went on sale this year and coupled with the fact that SAVOR expanded the event to two evenings, we bettered our chances to be two of the lucky few to partake in one of the most prestigious evenings for the American craft brew.  So, along with 1998 of our closest friends (SAVOR again sold out in minutes for both nights, with 2000 attendees per evening), we waited in line, I.D.'s and tickets in hand, for the doors to open.  Now, my husband has a sense of humor unlike anyone I have ever known and he started a little running inside joke several years back; when we visited the Troeg's Brewery, in Pennsylvania, where he says he can actually hear angels singing - demonstrating that he has reached the pearly gates.  So in true fashion, as we entered the event last night - he paused and outstretched his arms as if to once again embrace those angels welcoming him "home".  Of course, no one understands that gesticulation but me, and I snicker each and every time. 

"On Tap" last night were 72 craft breweries each with 2 of their favorites (144 for those of you not counting) and my husband had his list.  His mission: to visit breweries that don't distribute to our area.  So, armed with nearly 30, we worked our way from the furthest points west and traveled across North America, beer by beer.  Now, I am not the beer connoisseur my husband is, fortunately he married a designated driver, so I enjoyed some of the evenings savory samplings.  Not only were there food pairings, but SAVOR 2011 included an oyster bar, an artisanal cheese display and sushi.

I read the SAVOR tally from last night and see that they estimated 82,000 pieces of menu prepared items to pair with over 1,705 gallons of craft beer and 20,000 lbs of ice to cool it. 
We are already looking forward to SAVOR 2012; with anticipation of another two night event and hoping to be fortunate to get tickets for each night, since one really needs the time to savor SAVOR fully.

My husband says he can already hear the angels.