Friday, June 10, 2011

Bath Inspiration

I am getting ready to embark on another master bathroom renovation, I love renovations by the way, and I love tile, in case you couldn't tell.  So, needing a little inspiration I looked back over a few recent projects to get some. 


This bathroom was added to an unfinished basement in Alexandria.  The shower is 9' wide x 5' deep and with dual rain heads, it's a great place to soak after working out in the home gym.  Double bowls, bright lighting and generous proportions keep this bathroom from feeling like it's in a basement.

A combination of textures: "sisal" porcelain 12" x 24" tiles, set vertically, and finished with a gorgeous blend of deep blue and copper glass mosaics.  Tile available through Architectural Ceramics.

Not pictured, but off to the right of this knee wall, is an independently operating hand shower, in case you just need a quick rinse and not a full shower. 

Showing the dual rain head showers and each with their own drain (second drain behind the knee wall).

Another renovation in Alexandria's Mt. Vernon area. 
This renovation was for two young brothers and we chose to use tile abundantly - which helps mom keep things tidy with two active children.  Each child has his own sink and vanity space, but share a clothes hamper centered behind the door between both sinks. 

A photo showing the mix of tile in the bathtub/shower area. 
Tile available through The Tile Shop.

And I am at it again!
This bathroom renovation started life as only a little cosmetic facelift and ended up progressing into a much more substantial project.  As a secondary master bath in a condo, we decided to remove the bathtub and opted for a walk in shower, since the primary master has a large soaking tub. 
Since this is a condo, this was the perfect opportunity to use a molded shower floor -
you never have to worry about leaks and it retrofits a bathtub perfectly!
 Notice the little corner shelf placed low - it allows the client a spot to rest
her foot while she shaves her legs

We added the knee wall to offer separation between the vanity and the toilet; while adding a touch of privacy, not to mention giving a reason to showcase more of the fabulous tile my clients chose,
available through The Tile Shop.

The original bathroom vanity was 84" long and only had one small sink in the center - so while we were at it, we purchased new cabinetry to accomodate two sinks. 

I will share some more photos once the granite is installed!

A close up of the travertine and glass mosaic blend tile. 
This blend is called "Cape Cod", (The Tile Shop)


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