Friday, May 27, 2011

An Evening with Glasvegas


Undeniably (for me) one of the greatest bands to hit the US shores in a long, long while.  I had the pleasure of watching them perform live this week at the Black Cat in DC - front row right against the stage and it was mesmerizing - especially for this gal who was serenaded by the band's lead vocalist, James Allan, during one of their newest songs, "Lots Sometimes".  Allan strolled over towards me, kneeling down and wrapping his arm around my shoulder (at this point I blacked out - not really, but you know - a good looking lead singer for a band you love - it's gotta make you tremble a little bit) - so, anyway, with my face buried in my hands, he embraced me and sang a few lines and gave me a kiss, which should have landed on my cheek, but alas, I looked down and he just got my hair...  At any rate - I won't forget that.

I first experienced Glasvegas when they opened for Echo and the Bunnymen at Radio City Music Hall in Oct, 2009.  I thought, who is this band, Glasvegas?  So, I purchased their debut CD (and loved it) and traveled back up to NYC the following March to see them headline at The Bowery.  Interestingly, their recent DC performance brought with it an opening band that caused me to take notice once more - The Dig.  The Dig were awesome - I don't know about you, but I am always so anxious to see the headlining band and always wish the opening band would hurry through their sets, but The Dig caught my attention.  So, I bought their CD, "Electric Toys", and alternate between "Carry Me Home" and "Sick Sad Morning" nearly continuously.  I guess I'd better find out where they are touring next.


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