Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Tuesday Must Not...

I cannot believe Monday came and went - this year is already passing so quickly - pretty soon it will be Christmas again (dare I say)...

So, since I blew through Monday and didn't give you a new Must Have, I decided for Tuesday, I would present you with a Must Not - and this one is a doozy...

With the business name Rabbit Runn Designs, you can imagine all the wonderful rabbits I have been given and have collected over the years - and I love a lamp, goodness knows, but this is one hot mess in my book. 

I doubt I need to state the obvious - I can't help but think why is this rabbit wearing a lampshade on it's head?  It reminds me of one of those cones a pet has to wear and their heads get so wobbly and they stumble around bumping into things - it's so awkward and this is not only awkward with the tilted shade, but awkward because you cannot even see the rabbit's face - not to mention the color. 

Peter Cottontail would be mortified.

Sometimes a design scores and sometimes it fails - it just goes to show, not everything needs to be a lamp.


Rabbit lamp

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  1. Haha wow, that is a unique rabbit find! And I must agree with you - a must not indeed! xoxo