Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't look past your walls, look at them...

It's amazing what a little carpentry can accomplish.  I am certainly not implying custom built-ins to be a DIY project, but more a quick update to a tired space without a full blown and costly renovation. Custom built-ins provide a stylish solution for display and storage needs without adding visual bulk to the room, not to mention
demolition dust.  So next time you feel your room closing in on you, don't blame your walls -  look to them for inspiration, the results can be dramatic.

BEFORE:  The fireplace was being crowded by the armoire, on the angle, in the corner.

AFTER:  What a dramatic difference!  The room opened up with the armoire removed and the new cherry mantle and tile work complete the updated look.

BEFORE:  From drab...

AFTER:  ... to FAB! 
Yes, it's the same wall - new custom built-ins clean up the mismatched furniture and even give this client some much needed filing storage and a handy spot for the printer!

BEFORE:  This is good...

AFTER:  But this is better!  Even the radiator got a face lift.

I don't have a before to show, but imagine the nooks to the left and right of this fireplace void of the custom built-ins.  This is a town house in Old Town Alexandria and space is at a premium - so rather than fill in the space with furniture, we decided to add custom closet built-ins!  The middle storage is equipped with hanging rods and the top and bottom hold folded items - a perfect solution. 

another view. 

I love this room, it's formal but still has a TV - cleverly hidden out of view when this room is used for entertaining, but family friendly when the time comes. 

I can't take credit for this space - it's just one I saved for my idea folder - but what a nice look with the built-in window seat - I want to curl up with a good book!

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