Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Band and The Bubble

Just in from the Michael Buble (and just where do I find that little swashy thing to put over the e in Buble on this keyboard?) concert at Verizon Center - aka The Bubble.  My girlfriend, who treated me to this evenings show, typed in the subject line of her earlier email to me - "Michael Bubble", hence The Bubble.

Michael Buble is like a glass of milk on Red Bull - full, wholesome and energetic.  And his voice, the croon with a swagger - I can see why all the women this evening looked like they were about to faint. 

I must admit, before tonight, I had heard just a handful of songs - but after tonight, I have a whole new appreciation for Michael Buble, the singer and the entertainer.
Bring on The Bubble - I'm a fan.

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