Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Blog

Today was a wonderful day - spent with wonderful friends. 
It was my birthday. 

Actually, last Tuesday was my birthday, but you know how the July 4th holiday goes.  It gets a little hectic and consequently hard to get everyone together.  But today on the other hand was quieter and perfect for celebrating...

I've never really had a party before, when I think back on it now, so today was really touching.  I was celebrated with a lovely birthday luncheon. 

There was a chubby rabbit topiary perched at the end of the long table waiting patiently for the guests to arrive.  There were festively crafted bunny cookies dipped in chocolate with brightly decorated blue eyes waiting to be taken home, nibbled and shared.  There were colorful balloons tied to a chair - signalling for me to take my place.  In front of me were lovely flowers with a card reading that I was the greatest wife in all the world (instructed to be delivered in time for my arrival by my husband as a surprise - the greatest husband in the world).  And cute little Rabbit Runn Designs ink pens tucked at each place setting as a party favor.

I am honored.
I am speechless.
I am teary-eyed.
I am touched.
I am lucky.

I am having the best birthday ever.

Thank you to Becky and Rosemary who together hosted a very special day and to all the friends who joined to make it even more so.

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