Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy Quake Day!

Well, imagine the surprise the east coast experienced today with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, felt all the way to South Carolina and as far north as Canada.

It shook the building I was in, in fact, I thought the building was collapsing given that it felt like it was listing towards the Potomac River. 

I am glad that didn't happen!

I am nearing the finish line on one condo renovation and after stopping by for a progress check I headed off to a second jobsite, within the same condo community, to meet with another client and review some new art purchases.  I was sitting when I felt the rumble under my chair.  I couldn't understand just what her cat was doing under my chair and then I saw that the art on the wall started to sway and then I felt the building starting to rock - okay, this was no cat under the chair. 

Only lasting for a few seconds, the wave under the earth passed and we all looked at each other wondering what had just happened.  While she was turning on the news to find out, I headed back to the first condo to check in with my tile installers.  I found them sitting outside on the brick wall looking pretty dazed.  They had been in the elevator when the quake happened - they said the elevator started to sway and rock back and forth - and I thought I was startled. 

Not even close.

I returned to my home to find the cabinet doors in the kitchen open and the armoire doors open, yes - I am still a designer with a TV in an armoire - and dare I say, a box TV - yikes!  I probably shouldn't tell you that I have 2 armoires with box TV's in them...  I do have a flat screen in the bedroom, but I digress.

Anyway, I can't find a one of my three kittens.  I am looking through the house, calling their names, straightening the pictures on the wall and shutting the doors and not a kitten to be found.  I go into my office and see that I lost two of my rabbit figurines; a picture fell off the wall, hit the top of the bookcase knocking the little figures and smashing them to pieces on the floor. 

Now I am sure to not see a kitten, cause I am coming through the hallway with a vacuum - a well known "kitten deterent".  Anyway, I got everything tidied up when I see a little face coming up the stairs, then a second and then the third.  Kittens have survived their first eathquake.

Of course, I checked on them before I started vacuuming, but it didn't sound nearly as interesting as I was telling my story.   


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