Monday, November 14, 2011

"Hoot" Couture

The Owl is once again making a strong appearance in fashion and home design - nearly 40 years later.
Although owls have never really disappeared, they have recently gained in popularity for home decor as well as fashion, especially jewelry. 

I am sure a lot of us will recall the owls of the 70's - all the vintage treasures like macrame owls, owl trivets and owl salt and pepper shakers can be found on ebay and etsy right now. 

The owl's appeal is both mysterious and whimsical, making is a suitable choice for home decor - let's face it, there aren't that many animals that can trend in both directions - ever think a cow was mysterious? 

The owl motif is particularly popular for children in both room decor and clothing design. 
Whooo (sorry, I just had to) doesn't think a wise old own with big round eyes isn't cute?

Now, no matter how cute they are - if you are over 7, limit how many owls you wear and decorate with - cause a little goes a long way and it's best to make a statement with a few than to over do.  There's no faster way to kill a trend and send those owls back into hiding than by saturating the market.

 Chalkboard Owl Wall Decor Stickers
Owl wall sticker  I love how this little guy appears to be "perched" on the bed.

Owl bookends from Pottery Barn Kids

Owl dessert plates, from West Elm

Owl lamp, from West Elm.  I think this could be great in a home office or library.

Owl embroidered pillow

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