Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello Again...I'm Back!

It was a longer road to recovery from the flu than I thought and unfortunately I ended up with pneumonia, so not only did that zap my strength and but more importantly, my creativity!   I am feeling strong again and recently discovered a new way to be creative.  This past Sunday I was invited to a scrumptous brunch with friends and a beading party.  After we ate, the table was transformed quickly from quiche and cupcakes to beading wire and tweezers.  Now, I've been collecting various beads and gemstones for a while, but I never knew exactly what to do with them - lucky for me I have a marvelous group of friends who do.  I was truly inspired by their talent and came home with a necklace that would be rivaled by some of the better jewelry stores (at least that's what I think), not to mention a couple cupcakes...  So, I am now hooked and cannot wait to rummage through my jars of colorful stones and beads and find inpiration for my next creation!



  1. Yeah, you are back! Lovely necklace, thanks for sharing!