Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outsider Art

I have three black and white tuxedo cats, so of course this one spoke to me.  It reminds me of mealtime around here - someone always wants more and it can get pretty ugly if I don't give in  - LOL.
Part of my collection, by T. Marie Nolan

I have recently become intrigued with Outsider Art, a genre of art made by an artist that has no formal training or experience and who does not recognize themself as an artist. Outsider artists tend to create art based upon some primal expression.  Outsider art broadly includes folk art and ethnic art as well as art by prisoners, the mentally and physically handicapped and others neither trained in art nor making their works to sell them.  I just happened to notice that CB2 has recently included a line of outsider art pillows with a percentage of each pillow sale going to Creativity Explored - a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit and sell art.  I am delighted to know that outsider art is getting some mainstream attention, so be sure to check out Creativity Explored and consider purchasing affordable art for your next decorating project while supporting their mission to promote those with disabilities into working artists. 

butterfly 20" pillow
"Butterfly" pillow available through CB2
peacock 18" pillow
"Peacock" pillow available through CB2
"Outsider Cat" pillow available through CB2 - I gotta have this one!!


An artist I've just recently discovered, Mikey Welsh
by Mikey Welsh

One of my newest acquisitions, found online, by Vuittonet

also by Vuittonet

One of Richard Burnside's notable cat paintings, this one I recently purchased.

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