Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Day at the Fair, Waterford, VA

Today was a lovely day for a drive to the historic town of Waterford, VA - especially since this was the weekend for the Waterford Fair which includes a tour of homes and a juried crafts exhibit.  The town is closed off to traffic of the wheeled variety and the homes and streets are opened up to traffic of the two legged variety (and a few four legged friends as well).  Waterford comes alive with art and entertainment and funnel cakes!

"The Waterford Fair is the oldest juried crafts fair in Virginia.  In addition to historic homes open for tour, 155 juried heritage craftspeople (many nationally known) provide hands-on demonstrations, entertainers provide continuous traditional music and dance, Colonial and Civil War-era militia encamp and demonstrate, and there are children's activities throughout the weekend.  The proceeds from the Fair are used to carry out the Waterford Foundation's mission of education and preservation."  The Waterford Fair

"In 1970, the Secretary of the Interior determined that the Waterford Historic District possessed national significance and designated it a National Historic Landmark. It is the highest designation of historic significance possible in the U.S., and places it on par with Mt. Vernon and Monticello—a rare honor.
The determination was based on what the Secretary perceived as an extraordinary balance between the buildings of an intact historic agrarian village and the unspoiled agricultural setting that surrounds it. Waterford is also rare in that it is still a living community."  The Waterford Foundation

Enjoy the pics from my day at the Fair.

Here's a home that I spent time in when I was younger, it hasn't changed a bit. 
Close friends used to live here and I spent my fair share of time hanging out in Waterford.

The Old School staircase.  I was enchanted by the worn stair treads carved out by years of footsteps.

A sunny yellow door says come on in, what a cheerful welcome.

An unexpected spot for a miniature pumpkin, but I love the contrast of texture and color 

Looks like snow birds sunning on a hot tin roof

A quaint front porch, complete with the light blue ceiling

Autumn colors abound!

I just love this historic home and it's rustic grace

I took home a running rabbit cookie cutter

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