Monday, October 3, 2011

Deja Vu - Another Kitchen Makeover!

Many of you will remember the kitchen I blogged about, in January of this year, well - no sooner did we finish that lovely kitchen did my clients decide to sell - we moved in February, sniff sniff.  However, there is a silver lining - I just completed my second kitchen renovation for them and I wanted to share some of the pictures.
Take a look!

The "Before"
This is a very nice kitchen, but my clients, as you will recall, like light - lots of it - and this kitchen is lacking a window, so this time, even though the finishes will be very similar to those used for the kitchen renovation just 10 short months ago, we'll go just a little lighter and open it up.

and it's out of there...

Demo has begun!!

Already making progress, the new island is going in!
We decided to go with one large flat surface rather than tier it. 
- which offers much more work space and keeps kitchen feeling open.

Extra large drawers, left and right of the range, will provide lots of room for the homeowners array of pots and pans.
One of the beautiful features when doing custom - bigger drawers!!  These are 45" wide.

Viola - we're done - how's that for the magic of editting!
The new island, all on one level (no tiering) providing adequate prep space and opening up to the adjacent dining room.

I tweaked my color choices for the cabinetry as well.  This time I used "Aesthetic White", Sherwin Williams, for my perimeter cabinets and "Smokehouse", also from Sherwin Williams for the island. 

The granite choice this time was softer and didn't have the veining as in the White Fantasy used last time. 
This time I chose Ivory White, also known by Kashmir White.

And once again, we wanted a darker, richer floor - so we changed the floors.  Since this is a condo, we couldn't use a solid hardwood (which would need to be nailed down), but still wanted the look and feel of natural wood, making the choice of walnut engineered flooring (which could be glued) a perfect compromise.

No room this time for two SubZeros, so we decided to buy one and make a statement - this time a 48"! 

I was even able to locate the same pendant lights as last time. 
Down to the very last details, my clients feel right at home.

I did decide to mix things up a little and chose a different backsplash choice - this is a 6" x 12" glass tile with a stone herringbone inset.  It's a perfect compliment to the granite - simple and stunning.

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