Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stairway to Heaven? No, just to the attic.

I am pretty excited today - my new attic stairs arrived!  Since space is at such a premium, it's nice to be able to utilize the attic and now I won't have to worry that my current "antique" attic stairway will keep me from getting to the Christmas ornaments.  After doing my research, I found a set through Bessler Stairway Company touting, "you don't climb a Bessler Stairway, you walk up it".  With 6 inch treads and a 57 degree incline - I cannot wait to carry my brightly colored boxes of garlands and twinkling lights down the staircase, rather than tossing them from the the attic to my husband, who is patiently at the ready in full tactical and a mouth guard.  I'll be sure to post once they are fully installed - so stay tuned!


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