Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Went West Elming...

So, the day before Thanksgiving proved to be a good day to start a little Christmas shopping.  The grocery stores were packed, so I hit the mall and one of my favorites, West Elm, instead.
I saw many things, but limited my expenditures to gifts for others, rather than gifts for me.
That said, here are a few things we could all use in our homes ~

Martini Side Table, Metal, Silver
Who doesn't have room for this little fella?  Made from recycled aluminum decked out in 5 sporty finishes (one of which is silver) and only 15" in diameter, it's the perfect spot to drop a book or perch a cup of coffee.

Soft Jute Collection
Braided jute baskets, small or large, hold everything from firewood to magazines - they're even comfy to look at.
Detailed View
a unique little space saver, a set of three stackable bottles that form one large bottle.  Perfect, I thought, for bath lotions and potions or even infused olive oils as each has it's own cork!  So cool, I picked up a couple - perfect for hostess gifts!


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