Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

Now, most of you know I have three kittens, Porter, Stella and Stout - can you guess that my husband named them?  Anyway, I love cats, I love dogs, I love rabbits, koala bears, zebras, wombats, hippos, kinkajous - you name a creature and chances are I will love it.  I love nearly every creature on this planet - except maybe mosquitoes...

But, I've digressed - back to my point of going to the dogs...  I've several dog lovers as clients and I always enjoy finding a unique little gift for their particular breed.  I can't help but notice all the great dog lover decor out there (and cat lover decor, too).   Here's a fun sampling of just the thing I am talking about -
Maggie and Oatmeal from Olive & Cocoa - two super cute pets that come with their own papers. 
Made from reclaimed newspaper - they are their own papers!

Tartan dogerchief not included.
Picture of Scottie Dog Topiary Frame (unmossed):  Available with or without sphagnum moss stuffing.
Mossed or unmossed topiary frames in a wide variety of breeds.
Aren't these great!  So, if you don't have a green thumb, that's okay - the wire forms are fun on their own.  Check them out at Green Piece Wire Art, online

Small Handbuilt Ceramic Tea Bag Rest with Dog
A ceramic tea bag rest, handmade and available through Etsy,
only $8.00 for such a sweet little find! 
your pup will thank you . . .
Dogfish Head Brewery's Dog Bark -  Dogfish Head said it best, why should the humans have all the fun? 
Of course there's gotta be a beer gift reference - you did notice the names of my kittens, didn't you?

Obey the Doxie! USA Large Poster
Obey the Doxie poster (t-shirts too), from Obey the Pure Breed online.
They have a wide variety of dog breeds, and cats as well, and their awesome graphics remind us that we are merely servants to our furry friends.


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