Friday, February 18, 2011

Sit a Spell

There was a time, while I was growing up, that I couldn't pass by a chair on the side of the road without wanting to bring it home.  Seemed it was chairs (and chests of drawers, but that's for another story) that were my passion and before too long I became a home for wayward furniture.  I'll never forget an early spring day when I was cleaning off my screened porch - I took all the chairs out into the yard to do so and as I was organizing them into neat little rows, I suddenly found myself noticing, my goodness, I have a chair garden. 

I had wicker chairs, wood chairs, adirondack chairs, metal garden chairs with peeling paint and rickety old rockers.

I had a story for each chair. 

There's still something appealing to me about an old porch rocker creaking quietly in a summer breeze.  This evening I plan to sit on my deck, rock in one of my rocking chairs, although not old and not rickety, and enjoy the unseasonably warm February night, before the expected weather for February, in Washington DC, reappears.

I've traded in my old rocking chair for this updated version from Poly-Wood, pictured below, (I actually bought 4 of them and for Christmas I bought my husband 4 black adirondack chairs).  Poly-Wood chairs are made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable, not that you'd ever dream of getting rid of them.  While they were a bit of an investment initially, they never have to be replaced unless I get tired of black (they come in several colors, but I love the black).

These chairs are green friendly and made in the USA!

I found my Poly-Wood chairs locally, so please consider paying a visit to my friends at The Chair Shop, in Alexandria VA.  Their name says it all - chairs, chairs and more chairs (and so much more).  In business since 1984, they carry over one hundred manufacturers, including Poly-Wood, and the majority of their lines are made in the USA.   

So, when I feel the need for a chair fix, I pop in and sit a spell.

Happy Friday!

Poly-Wood Rocking Chair - Jefferson Rocker

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