Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Tidings

It's December 1st, the official start of the Christmas season for me anyways, and this holiday season, I am fortunate to have the devotion of a wonderful husband, the support of a loving family, the closeness of my truest friends, the opportunity to own my own business (the prospect to succeed), health that I try to never take for granted and gratefulness for all of those.
I don’t need anything else for Christmas, especially since it's doubtful that Santa will drop a million bucks in my stocking.

Instead, I am spreading my good tidings in as many ways possible – volunteerism and donations to all the places I can think of.  Today my reach is local - selecting 10 children who deserve a merrier Christmas.  There are many more children on the list, please visit to sign up. 

If you find yourself, this holiday season, as fortunate as me – consider spreading your own holiday cheer and when you find yourself desperate for that perfect gift - think about someone less fortunate - the spirit of giving - one size fits all.

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