Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Scent of Christmas

If anyone were to ask my husband what my favorite scents are, he could name them pretty easily because they never change.  Tops on my list are pine trees (the Christmas version).  It could smell like Christmas in my home year round and I would never tire of it.  Close behind is the scent of laundry after it's been hanging in the warm sun.  In keeping with the outdoor theme, I love the crisp smell of winter, especially after it's snowed and everything is still and pure.   Lastly, lilacs.  I enjoy catching a hint of their sweet fragrance on a soft spring wind.

Imagine my delight when I noticed that Trapp Candles introduced a few new holiday scents (I have been giving these candles as hostess gifts for years now and everyone loves them).

Of course, I've had my "White Fir" burning since October, in anticipation of the holidays, and this season they released "Winter Air" - so, now they have two of my all time favorite scents! 

I've always said, any candle can smell good in a box, but what about when it's lit - these deliver.  For me, they are without question the best candles I have ever found - their scent that permeates the whole house in only a few minutes.

So it's going to be tough decision - will it be "White Fir" or "Winter Air"? 

I think I'll light them both! 

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